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VisionHairS. r . l.

Our mission is to have fun creating feel good cosmetic products, programs and services with the purpose of promoting an ever-increasing state of wellbeing, resulting in joyous expressions of personal beauty.

Constant exchange, empathy and compassion gives rise to innovation and creativity that will positively influence the world every day.

Our Specialties

Private Label & White Label Manufacturing

A Better Approach To Product & Brand Development COCREATE: from R&D to C&D


We connect you to a multitude of sources for new ideas thanks to over 35 years of experience behind the scenes in the cosmetics industry. 

We explore, screen, select and connect… unique, avant-garde, qualified and transparent R&D laboratories, raw material producers, packaging suppliers, specialized manufactures, marketing, image and communication talents… to be able to compose the ideal team of expertise for the creation of your special and exclusive products and brands. 

Our Categories

hair care

Hair Care / Hair Color

Our core business with twenty years of experience in taking care of your hair

personal care

Personal Care / Toiletries

Infinite possible customizations, our research and development team is always up to date with the latest market trends.

skin care

Skincare / Body Care

We research the best formulations available on the market to make your product unique.

personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene / Sanitazing

Dry HYGIENIZING cosmetic aerosol spray & Gel. The latest formulations available on the market for complete Hygienization.

FVXKIN AMAZIN Is A Complete Synergic Blonding System For Lightening And Pigmenting Lightened Hair.

The FVXKIN AMAZIN Line Of Products Contains 10 Technical Product Systems For The Blonding of Hair.

Everything To Create Blonde Hair

Custom Brand

To create your truly unique project a collection of talent comes together for a truly unrepeatable creative fusion… everything is controlled from a single source, starting from the first idea, the development, formulation, tooling and prototyping, series production, including quality management all the way to consignment, we take the weight off your shoulders.


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